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cheefpoker, Mar 13, 11 2:24 PM.
The UnbroKen has now merged into Celtic Thunder....They have 150 members, great leadership and great folks.

If you are still in T.U., then please visit here:
post on their forums that you are unbroken looking to join CT....OR email/whisper to me, Meshuggah, Hypertonix, or Buckwyld (CT guild leader) and we will get you all set up.

This is for the better.  RL has hindered my play time a little bit so since its so early in the game, we might as well merge.  We're going to have a lot of fun with these guys!!

Take care all and see you in Telara!!!!

Ventrillo is up 'n running!

cheefpoker, Mar 1, 11 10:05 PM.
Our Ventrillo server is up!

Port number:   18014
No password

Download Ventrillo here:
Setup instructions here:

The UnbroKen tackle the Iron Tomb

cheefpoker, Feb 28, 11 4:31 PM.
We finally managed a guild only instance of the Iron Tomb.  It couldnt have gone smoother.  It appears everyone currently knows what it really means to work as a group, and that's a pretty good sign of things to come!


cheefpoker, Feb 27, 11 4:12 AM.
A few UnbroKen take part in a major event!  This took nearly 50 people to take down and it still took 10 minutes!!!

Recruiting and About Us

cheefpoker, Feb 26, 11 11:11 PM.
The UnbroKen, as of now, is a casual Rift guild, we are just focusing on enjoying the game, leveling, helping each other out etc. etc.. until we are ready to push forth to higher end events.  We will be hitting the Iron Tomb instance as soon as possible.  We also schedule around Central Standard Time.   Stay tuned....there is a lot more to come!!!   Until then, register in the forums and subscribe to the forum feeds!!

-Meshuggah (aka cheefpoker (site admin name)
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For now the guidelines are easy. anyone who wants to enjoy the game with good people can join. We are not getting serious just yet. Post in the forums or send a /tell to Meshuggah in game on the Laethys server
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